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From an early age, Leliís parents encouraged her love of music and entertaining. By age 6 she was taking part in many and varied stage shows and pantomimes. In addition to playing Recorder and Guitar as a child, she went on to learn Classical Harp, Piano and Bowed Psaltry. Her love of singing has lead to performances with choirs and a rock band, adding further to her broad musical experience. She is a keen collaborator, having worked on and off with Broni for more years than is polite to mention! Leli has continued to explore a whole range of new instruments, including most recently, the Medieval Bagpipe. Leli also employs her great love of history in her work as an educational interpreter. Leli designed and made the Lumina costumes.


Leli also manages the bookings for a wonderful holiday home - a beautiful converted barn in the UK's Lake District. Details can be found at Holiday Lettings..



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